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Booking Policies


Airport Service:

First and foremost, please be sure that your flight is on time. For your convenience and ours, call ahead if there are any known delays or cancellations to assure that you get any credit where applicable.

We are sorry we DO NOT provide refunds within 48hours of service.  Should the Airline be delayed or canceled Mountain Shuttle will not provide a refund.  Credits may be available if driver not dispatched.  


Castlegar and Trail experience weather issues that cancel and interrupt flights, please contact the airline for any refunds due to these issues.    



Airport Transfers must be paid in advance to secure the booking.  

Group Bookings - non refundable deposit 20% to be paid in advance of booking.  Balance to be paid on receipt of services.  



All property is stored on our shuttles at your own risk. All passengers will be responsible for their own baggage and are required to observe their baggage at all stops. MountainSHUTTLE waives all responsibility for damage, breakage, deterioration, delay and/or loss of any article or baggage. MountainSHUTTLE does not accept any liability for property that has been left at a stop, in or on our vehicles.




All rates do not include all applicable Taxes and will be adjusted from time to time in accordance with the law. All charges shown herein are payable in lawful Canadian or equivalent US currency. Form of payment is all major credit cards or cash.


Transportation of Children and Infants:


Unfortunately, MountainSHUTTLE is not set up to legally carry children and infants under the age of nine years on all our 14 pax vehicles.

Therefore, any child or infant under the age of nine years will not be boarded on our 14 pax vehicles unless we have a childs seat.  Since children age nine years or younger require booster or restraint seats, we will allow the temporary installation of these seats in our vehicles as they are required by law.


At age nine years and older, children are no longer required to be seated in a booster or child restraint seat in British Columbia, and this condition also applies to all MountainSHUTTLE services. 


Passengers Rules While on Board:


No smoking, alcohol, drugs, or unruly behaviour. Food and drink is allowed. Please put waste in the waste basket in the front of the shuttle.


Vehicle Operation:


MountainSHUTTLE maintains and services its vehicles in accordance with manufacturer instructions, and checks are made in accordance with Motor Vehicle and Passenger Transportation Branch requirements. Despite this, mechanical breakdowns do occur from time to time. In this case, MountainSHUTTLE will do everything in its power to provide alternative transportation, but will not be held liable for missed third party carrier connections.


Commercial Air Carriers:


MountainSHUTTLE will not be held liable for the effects of late air carrier arrival or departures on passenger travel plans.




Poor weather that results in dangerous road conditions can impact on-time performance. MountainSHUTTLE will not be held liable for missed connections or other interruptions due to poor weather conditions. MountainSHUTTLE reserves the right to cancel planned trips in the event passenger and / or vehicle safety is compromised.




In the event traffic is held up due to an accident, MountainSHUTTLE will not be held liable for any missed connections that may result.


Border Crossings:


MountainSHUTTLE will not be held liable for the effects and/or delays caused by crossing International borders. All passengers assume express responsibility for ensuring that they can legally cross International borders and that all personal Passport/Travel authorizations are in order.


Privacy Statement:


The only personal information that MountainSHUTTLE retains is that which is provided in the registration forms online or telephone booking process. This may include your full name, address, telephone number, email address and relevent credit card information. MountainSHUTTLE makes every effort to ensure that our electronic data is secure.


Personal information will only be retained for as long as you choose to use the services of MountainSHUTTLE. You may request to remove your personal information from our electronic files at any time.


MountainSHUTTLE does not retain credit card information. Credit cards used to pay for travel on are processed on a secure site operated and maintained by Moneris Solutions (An RBC Royal Bank / Bank of Montreal Joint Investment). MountainSHUTTLE will not be held liable for any failure of this site to protect member information.